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Friday, April 10, 2009

Days Off?

In the world of the quilt shop owner, a day off isn't really a day off totally. Yesterday was my "day off" and I prepared the weekly email, loaded fabric up onto the web page, took stuff off the web page, cleaned up some things on the POS system and worked on an event. Jim paid bills, did paychecks, ran to the bank and the PO and then spent who knows how long on the phone trying to straighten out the Comcast bill for the third month in a row.

Hmmm, what's wrong with this picture?

I had great plans of getting to the bookstore & poking around for a few hours, or actually going out to LL Bean and spending my Christmas gift certificate - NOT.

Days off aren't totally days off when you own your own business. Some pesky little paperwork has to be done that can't/doesn't get done at the store. When working on the web page, I need to be home where I won't be interrupted and send the whole website into the black hole of the internet like I did about 6 months ago. YIKES! I still don't know how that happened.

Seeing as where I was home and it was a "day off", I did manage to lay across the bed and read a new book during frequent breaks. I also sat on the couch and watched a couple of episodes of "Designed to Sell" on HGTV while eating lunch. I can't do either of those things at the store - somehow laying across the lobby bed and reading wouldn't go over well!

My days off consist of doing work stuff, but at least I get to do it at home while in my sweats! Next week I'm going to the bookstore though.

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