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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Word Wednesday

These pictures won't make any sense without explanations so my Wednesday post won't be wordless this week.

The loot in the shop.
About 10 days ago I put out an email call asking for donations to ship to soldiers from the tri-state area (NJ, NY & PA) who are serving in Afghanistan.  Boxes must be shipped before November 17th to reach the soldiers by Christmas.  This is the second year we've participated in this effort and we had a great response.  A big thank you to everyone!

The back of the truck

Jim and I took the donations dropped off at QP up to the A.R.M.S. group yesterday morning.  It's a little building behind the Armory in Toms River where quite a bit happens.  

They had the doors wide open in the gorgeous weather and were busy sorting donations.  

Behind this drop off point were rows of assembly lines to get the boxes packed and on their way.

While there, I asked about QP being a permanent drop off point for the group.  They don't have one by us, so it seemed like a great fit.  Within minutes, I was talking to the woman in charge, Ronnie Micciulla, who asked - for Operation Open Arms or Project Little Soldier?  Hmmm, was my response, umm both?

I asked her to explain Project Little Soldier.  Between November 1st and December 17th, they will try to collect TWO presents for every child in South Jersey who has a parent serving overseas this Christmas.  Brace yourself, all 2200 of them!  That's 5,000 gifts they will attempt to collect in about a month and half.  I was stunned.  2200 kids, with parents based out of south Jersey armories.  2200.  I still can't believe it.

So, I'm asking you to count your blessings this holiday season and donate a gift to a child from newborn to age 16.  It can be a doll, truck, DVD, movie gift certificate - anything that someone in that age group would love to receive as a gift.  We'll be advertising in the community and through our emails.  We'll have a drop off box in the shop until Dec 17th.  I'm hoping that as you do your holiday shopping this year, you'll pick up something for a child whose parent can't be home for Christmas for they our serving our country. 

No matter what you think of the war, support the soldiers.  And help support their families this year.  You can find out more about this wonderful group by clicking www.supportams.org 

Thank you.