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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Jacob & Green Tea

I've been spending more time at the computer designing than writing in the blog. I promise to do better.

Jacob Sails is done. I was calling it Drown Jacob there for awhile! The center of the quilt was driving me crazy! I couldn't get it to come together in a way that I was happy with. I finally just cut the panel up and started sewing sashings onto them. Once I did that, everything seemed to flow. I didn't think I'd have it quilted in time for the picture to go to the magazine, but I did enough to get the binding on & have grand plans to add more quilted shapes in the white sections of the borders. Check out the mermaid and the flags. I have a neat shark in there too!

I designed the next quilt for the Quilt Gallery Shops Series - it's a baby quilt of Churn Dash blocks which I've named "As the Baby Churns" just to bug Judy. She's making the sample and as soon as it's done, I will post pictures.

Now I've moved on to the shop hop quilt. Eighty green charms - have I mentioned how much I dislike charms? What the heck do you do with 80 green charms???? I had something in mind and then went to the shop hop meeting, saw what a couple of other owners had done and decided I needed to go right back to the drawing board! I've pieced together those charms four times now and I'm finally going with this version. I call it "Green Tea In The Garden". I wanted a table topper for the table out on our deck and this is it. Next step is to get it quilted.