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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

To Massachusetts

I've been back & forth to Gloucester a couple of times this last month for a family emergency. Just when you have everything all planned out, life throws you some curves. I took the digital camera along and wished I'd taken the 35mm. A professional photographer I am not, but here are some pictures that remind me how absolutely stunningly beautiful Gloucester can be.

Friday - a storm is coming.

The Coast Guard is riding anchor in the outer harbor.

The white dots are gulls on the sheltered side of the rocks.

It drives natives crazy to ride around the backshore & have tourists pulled over to the side of the road . . . . that's why I took these shots out the window of the car!

Sunday - my sister-in-law Laurel and I went to breakfast & called my brother to see where he was - 16 minutes off the breakwater. Since the waves were breaking OVER the breakwater, I thought he was crazy. We headed up to Stage Fort Park to watch the Miss Carla head in. The tiny little dot off the end of the breakwater is my brother heading home.
Support commerical fisherman - eat fish!
Almost home - the lighthouse on the lefthand side is Ten Pound Island where Kathy Tobey & I used to row out to for picnic lunches & exploring.
Monday was a gorgeous day - blue skies, heavy surf. And more pictures taken by a used to be native in a car with NJ license plates driving the natives crazy!
Boston viewed from Niles Beach.
There were five of us constantly together in high school and our habit was to drive the backshore before heading home after a night out. Didn't matter what the weather was - we still drove that couple miles of road. We couldn't see the water, but you can feel it and I still drive it at least a couple times when I'm home.