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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Baby Lock Tech 2010

Baby Lock Tech - the dealer's convention - is held in St Louis (closest big city to the home of Tacony, owners of Baby Lock) every August.  It used to be held in Union Station in St Louis, but outgrew that hotel space two years ago and moved across the street from the arch.  This picture was taken out the window of one of the classrooms.  You can't see it but the Missouri River flows just past the arch.  Jim and I actually rode in tiny little cars up to the top of the arch a few years ago.  The view was gorgeous but it's one of those things if you don't like heights - Jim - or are slightly claustrophobic - me - done it once, probably not going to do it again!  The car that takes you up holds 5 people with no personal space.  Interesting, glad I did it, but the other four people were sucking all my oxygen!

Play music really loud, get people clapping and pass out the balloons!  It's opening session!

We get a peek at what's coming. . . . . 

Updates us on what the spokeswomen are doing . . . 

El showed us what her sewing studio REALLY looks like and had us roaring as she shared the start of her sewing room makeover.  Look for the final pictures in Koala ads coming soon.  She promised me a copy of the video so I could share with you.

Nancy shared a new program that QP will participate in.  Look for details coming soon!  It's going to be exciting!  Did you know Nancy can crack a blonde joke at the drop of a hat?  

And opening session also entertains us so we laugh till we cry.  That's my rep Tano on the drums, the president of Baby Lock on the left and the VP of Sales on the right.  Tano told us three years ago there was no way he was getting up on stage - HA! How they get Ray Queen to do half the stuff he does is beyond me, Steve Jeffrey has a really good voice!  

And that's just opening night!

I'll share more photos next time.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hello from St. Louis!

Jim and I are at the base of the arch, literally across the street, for Baby Lock Tech, the dealer's convention.  We're taking classes to learn new products and new techniques, seeing old friends and making some new ones. 

Going to a convention is not all fun, days are long - classes from 8:30 to 5:30 - and they're trying to jam quite a bit of information into your head in a short amount of time.  What I enjoy most is networking with other dealers - finding out how they do something, or getting an idea for a new twist on something you're already doing.  Sometimes you think they're crazy, and sometimes they probably think I am!

I've found ideas for new classes, a good idea for a new event, set up a two tentative dates for a national teacher & magazine editor to come, and had a host of ideas that I hope I remember by the time I get home!

I'd post pictures but the camera and the computer are not currently speaking to each other (computers were supposed to simplify our lives????- so the pictures will have to wait till Thursday.  I'm on Nathan duty and for all that I have planned while he naps - he's going to be sleeping all day!

I'll post pictures Thurs or Friday.

Till next time.