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Monday, September 6, 2010

Life is interesting isn't it?

Just when you think, ok, I can take a breath and sit back just a little -WHAM - life just smacks you upside the head.  We had pretty much gotten in a kind of routine with the shop, Sara back to work and us having Nathan three days a week - who by the way is still THE cutest office assistant in the world, even with his frequent sleeping on the job, one on one mentoring requirements, bottle breaks and wardrobe malfunctions - and all the other requirements of life, when the call from FL came, you have to come get Mom. 

I woke up Sat morning and had all these plans of things to get done in the shop, breakfast with the middle son & his Stephanie, maybe a quick trip to PA to see the oldest son & his Stefanie - was that God laughing I heard?  Probably because the day found me scrambling to find a flight and then watching the sunset somewhere over northern FL. 

I've found out just how many changes of clothing you can get into a bag that will fit under the seat and still get the laptop in - that number would be three with the knowledge that you are going to a house with a washing machine!  To be totally on a different subject - really SpiritAir?  $25 per carryon?  $15 per bag checked?  I only paid $135 for the flight!  Obviously, this is not as cheap as it used to be, Continental isn't much more and my bag is free . . .  but Atlantic City was closer so I booked on Spirit. 

So Mom is coming home with me tomorrow.  I'm moving classes and clubs around as much as possible for the next two weeks.  This is why the calendar is ALWAYS done in pencil.  Who knows what life is going to serve up at any given moment?

And in the end, I thank the heavens above I have a career/job/lifestyle whatever you want to call it, that allows me to drop just about everything at a moments notice and go.