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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Store Happenings

I've been rearranging the store a bit & putting up some new displays. It was 85 and muggy when I was doing the new Halloween/fall display!

We're working kitting on a pumpkin applique, hour glass block kit for a magazine. I'm doing the piecing & Judy's doing the applique for the sample and she's waiting VERY impatiently for me to finish piecing the center so she can start the applique on the borders! I'll post a picture of the finished project, which hopefully will be soon. It will go out on the bed in the lobby - but not for awhile since I'm not ready to look at Fall decor yet!

I've also put off putting up a Christmas display. I don't mind looking at it now but if I have to still be looking at it in November . . . . Here's some samples of kits we've got ready so far.

Lori did the Christmas stitchery and the penguin stocking. I did the tree skirts. The actual sample of the one on the right isn't cut into a tree skirt yet and as you can tell, neither is the tree skirt on the right. Why is it I can't bring myself to cut into them & make them actual tree skirts???