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Thursday, September 3, 2009

More pictures from Baby Lock Tech

Needless to say, the arch is huge! This is me at the northern base.

Inside the hotel were all of these gorgeous displays. I see a Crazy Quilt Halloween pillow in my future!

I immediately thought of our Judy when I saw this cookbook cover. It's from the Domestic Goddess Amazing Designs collection.

Simple funky pillows made an eye catching display with embroidery, couching & ruffles.

I love this fish quilt!

A close up of the new sergers. Push the lever from serging to threading, turn the hand wheel till it clicks, put the looper threads in the threading ports & push the button - all loopers thread at the same time!

Miss N from the Sashiko machine factory in Japan demonstrated for us while Missy translated. I don't know who made the jacket, but it was gorgeous with the Sashiko stitching in the ditch.

Jim took a Jewel class and this was the view out the classroom window. I wouldn't have gotten anything done, I'd have been looking out the window at the people and the river the whole time. Talk about distracting!

A good time was had by all at Baby Lock Tech. Thank you to all of the staff at Tacony & Baby Lock for treating the dealers like kings and queens for our time there. It was hard to come home to no 10 am chocolate breaks & no 3pm ice cream breaks!

Watch the shop email as all the new products start to arrive!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Baby Lock Tech

I'm at the Baby Lock dealer convention in St. Louis - this is the veiw of the arch from our hotel window. The arch is a National Park with a great museaum underground that stretches from one base to the other. If you're ever in St. Louis - go up in the Arch!

Here are some pictures from the past couple of days.

This is the new Sashiko machine - very cool. Here are a couple of samples the educators have done with it.

A pretty top for a little girl's dress!

And a cute top for a play suit. Sashiko is everywhere here!

There are also new sergers where you thread ALL of the looper threads, push ONE button and all the loopers thread at once! I have that class tonight.

Jim took the class for the new Jewell software - VERY neat.

Today I took a class Eileen Roche - the editor of Creative Embroidery Magazine - did you know she grew up in Wildwood? I'm trying to talk her into a visit east to see the family and teach for us. Stay tuned! Here's my project from class today - stipple & applique in the Magna Quilt Hoop - all in one step!