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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Phew! We made it!

The wedding is over, the dinner for 40 was held and everyone had a good time, mom is settling in & all of us are recovering from a great weekend of friends and family.

I've discovered a few things about weddings that I can share:

1.  Make your own bridal veil.  I bought a very plain one and altered it to what she wanted.  For what I paid, I could have bought a whole bolt of bridal tulle & comb and still gone out to dinner.  Before you buy, check out what they have, you'll be stunned.  Anyone with basic crafting skills can make a simple veil and save money.  The ones I saw had laces hot glued on, no edgings and huge whip stitches holding the tulle to to comb.

2.  Wear comfortable shoes!  I balked at the last minute and didn't wear the high heels I was planning on.  Instead I dug an old pair out of the back of the closet & they ended up in the trash can outside the hotel.  I kicked them off 30 seconds after the ceremony, jammed them back on my feet to walk into the reception and then they spent the rest of the night under the table.  I now sport HUGE bandaides that cover up HOLES in my heels.

3.  Invite lots of family and friends.  It's a wonderful time best celebrated by people you love.  Our relatives live in Minnesota, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Arizona & Florida, we have none in NJ.  You go along everyday without cousins, aunts, uncles, brothers or sisters in your everyday life and then when you're surrounded by them, you realize how much you love & miss them.  Here's Sara with most of her Minnesota aunts and her Massachusetts aunts.

4.  Beautiful weddings can be planned in a short amount of time.  I would probably have gone crazy if I had to deal with Sara the bride for more than a year . . . .  three months was a good time table.

5.  Wear something comfortable!  I HATE pantyhose (I'll put a bet a man invented them!) and I should have gotten knee his (which on top of me wearing pants, would have totally mortified the bride if she found out. . .)  Sara wanted me in a beaded gown, I wore a fancy jacket & camisole with those plazzo pants.  Very elegant I thought and very comfortable - if I hadn't ditched the shoes, I would have ditched the pantyhose!

6. Don't miss the opportunity to mortify a nephew.  This is my godson John.  He's 13 and while I'm sure he loves us, he also thinks we are all totally nutso, me especially I think, although I am sure I'm running neck and neck with my older brother.  There was bouncy music on from the 50s and I was standing next to John bopping along to the music, mortifying him just by standing by him doing it - what else could I do but haul him out to the dance floor????  Here he is pleading with his parents to rescue him.

7.  Enjoy yourself immensely.  The day goes by so fast & before you know it, it's over & everyone is heading home.

8.  No matter how much you worry something will go wrong - it doesn't and even if it does?  No one notices and everyone has a wonderful time.  Relax and enjoy the day!