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Friday, December 14, 2012

Tis the Season

So in the middle of all this craziness called holiday preparation, I've decided I can't stand my sewing room one more minute.  It probably could qualify for that hoarders show and while I know this will stun the few people allowed to see it, I am slowly but surely cleaning it up.  Why now?  I have NO IDEA!  Just got to a point where I can't stand it anymore.  So I am busily buying clear containers to organize and put stuff in.  So far I've done the embellishments and that was really fun sorting through it all, then I moved to buttons - whew I have A LOT of buttons, more than I thought I had, and I'm now into the notions.  

I think the problem with all of this is, I've inherited my grandmothers' sewing paraphernalia, two of my great aunts, my mom's and my mother-in-law's along with the assorted vintage sewing baskets I've picked up and customers have given me.  I have quite the collection of vintage sewing stuff plus all the stuff I've brought home . . . . and I can't bring myself to throw any of it out.  My Nana and great aunts cut all the buttons off old clothing and strung them together on string to save them.  How can you throw that history out?????  But this has all lead to a room that doesn't function at all.  My friend Jerry has an expression - it looks like the walls threw up, and yes, that's exactly what my sewing room looks like, except it was a particularly nasty flu.  

Pictures you ask?  Before pictures?  HA!  NEVER!  Not going to happen.  I will show pictures on the blog though - the areas that I've cleaned up but no before pictures exist, no will they ever . . . .  Stay tuned for more of the trials and tribulations of shoveling out my sewing room.