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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Too Many Things Going On & Most of them Secret!

Do you all work on one project at a time?  More than one, say two of them at the same time?  More?  Three? Four? FIVE?  I have to admit, I have more than three going on right now but less than five.  I think. Ok, maybe six.  They all tend to blend together after awhile!

I'm working on a lap sized quilt for the next Stash Attack, a secret until April 1st, and I've said it before, but this is my favorite!  Lots of pieces so I'm using it as a leader and ender project while working on the shop hop quilt, a secret until the end of March.  What's Leaders and Enders you ask?  Leaders and enders (L&Es) - not my term there is a book about it - are pieces that you put together and sew after the pieces you really want to sew are stitched.  That way you don't have to cut threads in between the pieces.  A lot of sewers use a scrap to sew off onto but that seems to be a waste to my "thrifty" New England soul - if I'm going to stitch on something, it's going to be used for something instead of just thrown away!

So I used the Stash Attack pieces as Leaders and Enders for doing the Shop Hop Quilt, now I'm using the next Strip Club quilt as L&Es for the Stash Attack project ( and I slipped three baby quilt tops into the rotation on my "Snew Day" Monday and used them for L&Es) and when the Stash Attack top is done, I'll slip another one into the rotation that's patiently waiting for a pieced border.  I won't admit to how many are in line to be worked on . . .

I know there are sewers out there who can only work on one thing at a time but I must have some type of ADD because I can't for some reason.  I like seeing all the different colors of the current projects on the sewing table, cutting table and ironing board.  I just wish my design wall was big enough to put two projects up on it at a time.

So what about you?  One project at a time or mulitples?