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Friday, July 17, 2009

National Parks Adventures - part one

Jim & I decided to spend our thirtieth wedding anniversary in Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks. Two of his sisters and their husbands, Mary & Jim & Esther & Tim, went with us on the 6 day journey. We saw LOTS of animals and LOTS of geysers - animals I'd love to see more, geysers - hmmm, I think I've seen my fill!

Here are some pics of our animal sightings. Some were close:

These bison owned the road.

See the shadow of the first bison in the picture on the right? It walked right by my window after I hurriedly rolled it up. I'm not sure what good I thought that piece of safety glass was going to do - but it was better than the bisons horn being 6" from my face with NOTHING in between us! I was concentrating on getting the window rolled up so I missed the shot of it up close and personal - but that was ok with me!

This bison was close enough but then it decided to join us on the elevated walkway. Once again I was too freaked out to take an up close & personal picture . . . . but as my brother-in-law Tim said, I've seen the back end of a bison closer than I ever needed to!

This black bear was close enough. I was in the car. I don't have pictures of the young grizzly we saw about 10 feet away, I, unlike my husband, showed great intelligence and stayed in the car, while he and our brother-in-law Jim, jumped out to see it closer. Nope, the glimpse I got of it that close was close enough for me!

Riding around early a few mornings later, I saw what I thought was a roll of hay on the hillside and then I thought - wait a minute, that's the side of a mountain, they don't hay there. So I yelled to driver Jim Antos to stop and got out to look. Yup, the "hay roll" was really the back end of a huge grizzly. We were definitely as close to him as I wanted to get!

And then there were these strange animals - we think they were called Harley Americanus. They were sometimes single but most times in packs. Very strange with colorful dress! These animals were everywhere & seemed to be having the time of their lives. The six of us were happy in our Suburban not having to fend off bugs, wind, and most importantly - bears, bison, elk & anything else with four legs!

We did heed all the signs . . . .