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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Spring Market First Day

This is half of the convention floor being set up for market. Think of a quilt show, about 4 football fields long - that's market. Every fabric company, hundreds of pattern designers, notion companies, you name it - they're here!

Today was Schoolhouse - short presentations by the companies on their products. I did my presentation on my Beginning Quilting By Machine class. I didn't forget anything, and managed not to say hmmm to many times, so I'm considering it a success! Karen Montgomery didn't think I'd post this to my blog - suprise Karen!

I saw lots of friends, found some new leads for patterns and notions - it was a productive day. We went to dinner with Karen Snyder and then went to Sample Spree . . .

Sample Spree is a huge flea market. Picture about 1,000 quilters in a room where Moda is selling jelly rolls and FQ packs, Hoffman is wiped out of Bali Pops in 20 minutes and it's general meyhem! Ok worse than meyhem . . . I haven't been in a few years and now I remember why! I did get some cute already made samples and I got my Bali Pops . . . .Yes I am as tired as I look in this picture! It's been a long day!

Of course Jim had time to pose for a picture with El and Sue

This is my Hoffman rep Barry who managed to snag me some Bali Pops at risk of life and limb I think.

And this is The Quilt Company's booth where they were mobbed by people buying pillow patterns. I tried to snag their firecracker pillow but didn't get away with it . . . I have no idea what the purple gloves are.

Tomorrow the sales floor opens - let the buying begin!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Spring Quilt Market

I'm off to the wholesale show for quilt shops this morning. Think of a quilt show the size of 6 football fields with every major author, designer, & fabric company having a booth - that's quilt market!

It's in Pittsburgh so we are driving and if I don't go pack, we won't get to Karen Montgomery's store before it closes!

I'll post from market and hopefully be able to post pictures.

Until next time.