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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

It's Past Time For A Christmas Projects Display

Yesterday I decided that I needed to be realistic and move our display of Christmas projects if I wanted anyone to have time to make them.  So I did my usual wandering around my house, garage and attic wishing I had time to go antiquing for all the neat stuff that I'd like to use in this display, and finally decided the display needed to be put together with what I had already and to just get on with it.

Into my car went a round table my grandmother had started to strip to put her usual white paint on but felt "faint of heart" (this coming from a nurse who worked until she was 70 something delivering babies in Salem, Mass) and it sat in her cellar until I claimed it for my first apartment.  It's still unfinished . . .
Anyway, I love the height and shape of the table for displays so I grabbed a rectangular green table cloth to throw over it, a mason, jar, some silverware and set off for the shop.  The inspiration for this display is all Terry Atkinson - she posted that picture of the napkins and silverware in a Mason jar last week.

I unloaded my goodies and proceeded to make a mess of the front of the store shifting Fall out of the way and combining the two current Christmas displays into one.

I put the table out, covered it with the green tablecloth - ugh - and thought to myself, this is a fabric store with beautiful fabrics, sewing machines and sergers - just make one!  Ok, I remember something a fabric rep had said to me - use wide backings for home dec.  So I wander over to our extra wide backing section and find a perfect green.  (Now if I were planning this blog ahead of time, I'd have taken a picture of our selection of wide backings!)

I impress and confuse Fern and Ellen as I measure the table, figure out the simple math and rip (oh the horrors!) the wide backing to get it on grain.  The only way square fabric that wide without a HUGE table to lay it out, is to rip it - plus its easier!  I cut my circle, gather up my supplies, decide it will be faster with a serger and a gathering foot, and head to the classroom.  

Thirty minutes later - with a few mishaps - out comes this:

The bolt of fabric is to the right.

I added the ruffle at the bottom to give it a little flair.  Easy, simple to serge or sew and the display looks pretty good too.

Fern wants a class - anyone else?

Till next time.