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Monday, May 4, 2009

Working best under pressure

Why is it that I tend to put things off until the ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO BE DONE? Two months ago, Karen Montgomery asked to borrow one of my samples during Quilt Market. I'd done a Quick Piecer orginial pattern & used her fabrics. Since all her samples will be in the booth at market, she asked if she could borrow mine to hang in her shop. SURE! It's good for both of us, she'll sell fabrics and I'll hopefully sell some patterns.

Now quilt market is the week after next. I KNEW I had to get that quilt and the patterns in the mail by today. When did I get it in the mail? On the way home last night. When did I finish quilting the sample, put the binding on and have the patterns run off? YESTERDAY MORNING.

I'm not sure if it's a defective gene that makes me put things off or one that makes me think that things are so much further away in time than they really are. I can't believe it's May already, can't believe that I leave for Quilt market next week, can't believe that I have to get some tote patterns ready to drop off at another booth.