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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dragging Myself Into This Millenium = QPTV

I decided it was time to join this century and put videos of the shop up online. About a year ago, I put the cable ad we run up on YouTube, had great intentions of doing videos of the shop and then promptly forgot about it.  I took a couple of classes on social media last year at Baby Lock Tech in which all the 20somethings told us how we needed to get more interesting/interactive things on our websites.  I had the ad up there already so I thought, I'm ahead of the game.  I also watched Mark Lapinski doing little spots with this tiny little camera as he walked around chatting with people last year at Baby Lock Tech and he didn't look like he was doing anything complicated, I mean, I can point, shoot and talk right?  That seemed to be all that Mark was doing . . . .  HA!

I've discovered, through the taking of a couple videos, that it's not easy to walk, film and talk intelligently at the same time.  Pointing and shooting is easy - ok, there was that one video that I thought I was filming a new trunk show but the camera was off until I was "done" and then there was this gorgeous video of the side of my pant leg and the carpet as I walked back into the shop . . . but that's another story!  The hard part?  Talking intelligently about something while remembering to not move the camera fast, or talk too fast, or say "Ummmm" too many times while remembering the name of the book or pattern you're filming a sample of - all the while trying not to walk into or trip over anything.  Phew!  Mark made it look WAY too easy.

I'll admit it - the first couple of videos - including the one of my pant leg and shoes - were deleted.  I decided I needed to get my act together so I posted one a couple of weeks ago of a trunk show we have in the shop and received less than stellar reviews from my staff - too short, to jerky, too something else I've blocked from my mind. I can count on my staff to tell me the truth whether I want to hear it or not!  It couldn't have been too bad because some of you out there in cyberspace went to the website and ordered the book.  Thank you one and all for the encouragement!  :0)

I've posted a few more since then.  Visit QPTV to see them click here .  Be gentle with your reviews, I'm thinking anyone who does really nice videos has been at it awhile, was born with a video gene I'm lacking or took a class somewhere!

Till next time.  Enjoy!