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Friday, May 22, 2009

Home again, home again

It's nice to go away but then it's sure nice to come home and sleep in your own bed! Pittsburgh was nice, I was just getting to the point where I had some idea of where I was in relation to the hotel - and then it's time to leave!

I did my Schoolhouse presentation on my Beginners Quilting By Machine program and people showed up, no one snored and there were nice comments after. I always worry that the room will be empty!

Someday I'm actually going to sit down and do a landscape quilt - maybe when I retire! - but until then I take closeups of landscape quilt techniques that I see and no I'll never remember without pictures. Here a few from market.

I love to thread paint and just don't get a chance to do it. I am sure that love comes from beging unable to actually draw on paper whatever it is I am thread painting on fabric.
I listened to one of the pattern designers relate how she does her patterns - she takes her camera out into the garden, snaps lots & lots of pictures & then translates those pictures into drawings. I told Jim that was the difference between her and I, we both take pictures but she actually gets them developed and uses them!
Until next time.