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Monday, July 30, 2012

Moving Update

No matter what anyone tells you, moving is NOT fun.  Choosing the paint colors, imagining what the new space will look like?  That is fun.  The actual physical work of moving - not fun.

Boxes, boxes, boxes . . . .EVERYWHERE!
Everything is IN the new space.  Things that aren't going to stay, are in the new space.  Let's just say the new space is more than a little overfull.  Today we're renting a storage locker.  Yes, I'm becoming one of those people who has WAY too much stuff and no place to put it.  The house is full.  The oversized two car garage is full.  The store is full and the storeroom is PACKED.  And there are still boxes everywhere in the store.  With stuff in them.  Lots of stuff in them.  1200 square feet of storage space does NOT fit into 400 square feet no matter how hard you try.

The clean half of the shop!
All that said, the new store is shaping up and will look great after a few visits to the storage unit!  I love the paint colors, Jim is building a new checkout/cutting area, the floors are GORGEOUS, all the fabric fits! (YAY!) and notions, patterns and books are starting to be put out.  Samples go up tomorrow.

We've been working really hard to get ready.  The staff thinks I'm crazy, more so than usual, but we will be open at 10am on Wednesday, August 1st! Stop in and see us!

918 Lacey Road, Forked River, NJ 
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