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Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Gardens

  Some years the gardens are just so so, other years they're ok and some years, well some years they are really nice - IMHO.  This is one of the really nice years.  I took some pictures the other day - I hope you enjoy them.

Roses - love them, dislike having to spray them.  I've tried teas, heirlooms, floribundas, trees, minatures and  knockouts - they all get blackspot and the bugs love them.  But the flowers!  LOVE the flowers and the auroma . . .mmmmm.


I love this color! 

A really old climber that's been moved four times now.

Snap dragons that overwinterd.
And we have perennials, bi-annuals, and things we have no idea where they came from!
Delphinium the third year.  I have to admit, I threw some of these away thinking they were weeds last spring . . . .

Iris in the pond

Snap Dragons from last year.
One of the front borders
Mail box garden.
Side Border

That's my front gardens.  I won't show you the back gardens - let's just say they're having a so/so year.  Can anyone say overgrown?