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Monday, April 26, 2010

Let's Bring Back Recess!

Seems like just yesterday I was in CT at the HandiQuilter training but since then I've done the 5 day NJ Shop Hop and been to FL for an Elna training and a day at Epcot Center and here it is the end of April already.  Jeez!  And you know what?  May is going to disappear just as fast. 

Have you thought about how quickly time seems to pass by?  Like a warp speed?  I look at the shop calendar and May is chock full of classes, clubs, meetings,  - YIKES!  Before I know it, it will be June and the birthday celebration, I'll turn FIFTY THREE! and the shop will turn 14, we'll have a new grandbaby and life will just churn along at breakneck speed.

STOP THE WORLD!  I WANT A RECESS!  Yes, recess.  Remember recess in school?  It was a time to run around, yell like crazy and let off some steam.  The biggest concern during recess was to go on the monkey bars without letting anyone look up your dress - hey this was the 60's, no pants in school for girls!

I want a sewing recess - time to sew again that isn't stolen from something else I should be doing or needs to have been finished yesterday.  I remember when sewing was relaxing, hmmm when did it become a marathon to "git er done"?

Medical studies have been done proving that sewing reduces blood pressure and I'm sure it does but not the type of sewing I've been doing lately.  So I'm making a goal - to find time to quilt, relaxing quilting. 

I'm taking a quilting recess.  How about you?