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Quilting Possibilities
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Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Displays

I've been "fluffing" - a technical retail term! - the shop with displays. Here are some pictures.

A bake shop - for what else? Jelly Rolls, turnovers, layer cakes & honey buns + charm squares!

This is a close up of the beach display - everything you need for a day at the beach! A beach chair, some Salt Water Taffy, and get the HUGE Margarita glass!

Judy's been working on floral samples. Aren't they gorgeous?

Yes, it's official - we've gone purse/tote crazy!

Landscape Quilts

I really like landscape/pictorial quilts. Probably comes from being a frustrated artist - I do stick figures really well! I admire anyone who can draw, be it with paper or with thread & fabric. I have these great pictorial quilts in my head and have great plans for when I retire to actually get some out of my head & onto fabric!

In the meantime, I take pictures of those I like, with closeups of how the quilter/artist achieved a look. Here are a few that were hung at the NJ state quilt show last weekend.

This beach scene had the neatest waves. A shiny, organze fabric was couched on for the foam on the crests of the waves.

Another was this clipper ship with fuzzy yarn for foam & great details on the ship itself.

I love sunflowers so this one caught my eye just because of what it was. The center of the sunflower was completely beaded and looked just like seeds.
Then I noticed the dragonflies! They were beaded and their wings made out of a shiny tulle. Very neat!

The turtle was cool too and I think it's the one that won Viewer's Choice.

This lighthouse quilt has a story behind it - a poster of the painting was divided into four sections. Each section went to one quilter who copied that section in fabric, pieced, appliuqed and QUILTED it. THEN the top was put together! Really neat! I liked the wall hanging before Karen Dever told me the story, I liked it even better after the story!