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Saturday, November 1, 2014

I'm back from Quilt Market and since today it's cold and rainy at the Jersey Shore, I'll just say Houston was 86 and sunny last Saturday.  I spent most of that day indoors working but the walk to and from the convention center was lovely.  

Today I thought I'd share pictures of part of the quilt show at market for an indoor rainy day quilt show!

This was the Ruby Jubilee of Quilt Market and they celebrated by have a red and white quilt show.  Here are just a few of the quilts that were displayed.  ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!  Congratulations to all the quilt makers and to Quilts Inc for a show stopping, stunning display.  I enjoyed it immensely and didn't even get to see it all as market closed before I'd finished.
A jaw dropping display.  Notice the people on the side and that gives you an idea of how big the center display was.
Just part of the inner ring display.

Minatures- paper to the left is 8 x 10"
More minatures

Quilting Detail of the frond quilt
Intricate piecing!

This looked like a round robin quilt to me - gorgeous!

I don't think this was a vintage quilt but it could have been.

This was just amazing!


Look at the quilting!

I hope you enjoyed a little slice of this show.  I love red and white quilts and this show certainly set market abuzz!

Till next time.