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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sewing Furniture Event In The Lobby

We have sewing furniture! Well ok, we've always had sewing furniture on display but this time we've taken over the lobby - yes, the bed is gone for the moment - and put five pieces of Koala Sewing Furniture on display.
The cabinets are made in the USA just outside of Chicago and I have to say, they are GORGEOUS. Peg came in today and remarked on the Cadillac sewing furniture in the lobby!
One of the nice things about Koala is you decide what you want - they have 8 different finishes, all different sizes of cabinets and you decide if you just want the base, or add side wings, or a back that folds down? Drawers? Shelves? YOU decide.
Stop in & see for yourself! The holidays are coming, it's time to get rid of the computer table that works, but not quite, the door over two filing cabinets that's bowing in the middle, the kitchen table . . . .
Koala has made these beautiful cabinets & we're proud to bring them to you. Stop in & see for yourself!