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Thursday, August 20, 2009

What's On Your Design Wall?

I was reading my friend Karen Montgomery's blog yesterday & laughed when I saw her "messy" sewing space - she should come here & see mine! Karen has more than a couple of projects going on & the state of her design wall reflects that - just like mine. I think creative people get borded easily & that's why we always have at least two, maybe three & possibly many more projects in various stages strewn all over our sewing areas. I am telling you here & now, I won't admit to how many I have going on at any given point in time.

This is what my design wall looks like today. The red & white quilt is coming along while I work out the pattern. I bought three bolts of the white print & two bolts of the red print to do another project & then of course, didn't do it . . . Now what to do with the five bolts of fabric giving me the guilts everytime I walk by them in the back room? I'm calling this Necessary Peppermints - because it was necessary to do SOMETHING WITH THE FIVE BOLTS OF FABRIC IN THE BACK ROOM. I am sure everyone of my staff will wrinkle their noses at that name & it will be shortened to just Peppermints. It will be a lap quilt for Chrismas.

See the blocks to the right? That's what happens when you don't pay attention to what you're doing & you not only cut the pieces opposite of what they're supposed to be, but you sew them together wrong. I haven't come up with a name yet for the quilt I'm able to make out of those "mistakes"! I do however, see a baby quilt from that setting in the near future - stay tuned.

The baby quilt on the right is a pattern my friend Kris from Cozy Cottage told me about. We're over run with baby flannels & I needed a new sample. It was easy & came out cute! We're cutting kits so look for it on the website in a couple of days - I still have to quilt it & do the dreaded binding.

The bargello on the bottom left in the first picture is one of those things that seemed like it was going to be great when it was in my head, then I read the size in the pattern & thought, I don't want a lap quilt, I want a wallhanging! Now of course it doesn't look like I thought it would - 1/3 of it is folded under but I'm still not happy with it. I'm thinking it needs lots of embellishing . . . . Don't look for a kit soon! :0)

So what's on your design wall?