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Sunday, December 23, 2007

It's almost Christmas!

How did that happen? The last time I wrote in this blog it was July! Where the heck has time gone?

I'm waiting for the kids to start arriving home for Christmas. James M heads home tonight, Jeremy heads home tomorrow night and Sara and Brian will be here as soon as the food hits the table - no matter what day it is!

I'm working on a new pattern for the Quilt Shops Gallery http://www.quiltgalleryshops.com/ Be sure to go to the website and check out our challenge! Eleven shop owners, eleven quilts!

This is Martha's Sea Stars - my first quilt for the Quilt Gallery.

This is my basket quilt called Spring Baskets - really orginal name! - and my second quilt of the series.

The next quilt is a Corn & Beans Quilt that I wanted to call Natural Gas but decided that my sense of humor wouldn't be shared by all, so it's called Flowers in the Corn and Beans.
Our next quilt is Jacob's Ladder. I just ordered the fabric for it form Timeless Treasures and it will be a really neat nautical quilt - very masculine! Stay tuned!