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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Machine Update

My trusty machine came home from the QP Spa purring like a kitten.  The foot pedal works, the beeping has stopped and the machine goes the speed it's supposed to.  No comment from the tech except he said "I cleaned it"  The look that came with that statement however spoke volumes . . . .

So my machine decision is put off again.  Off to Bernina University and Baby Lock Tech, the dealer conventions, this summer - we'll see what they have coming!


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A New Sewing Machine?

My trusty Elna 7200 is on it's way to the QP Machine Spa, the hospital ward to be exact.  It's definitely having problems and the way I sew on it, it's no wonder.  As you can imagine, I sew  A LOT and, shall we say, I'm not gentle with my machines?  I'm not abusive but I could probably - ok, definitely - clean it more and take it in for service more often.

Right now the foot pedal isn't working.  I sew FAST - hence why I have a machine that sews 1,000 stitches per minute - and having the machine go fast, then slow down, then go a little faster, then speed up to fast again is, how shall I put it?  ANNOYING AS HECK!  To top it off, if it isn't doing that, it's beeping at me, stopping and showing me the knee lever is up.  THE KNEE LEVER IS NOT UP!  Can you tell it was a frustrating sewing morning?

Eleanor Burns signed my machine so it's dear to my heart.  El did a two day workshop for us in 2005 and I took home the machine she used for those two days after she wrote me a note on it.  It's been a workhorse since with not a problem until a few days ago.  I think it's tired.  Maybe a trip to the spa is just what she needs and she'll be fine.

On the other hand . . . . .

Have you looked at the new machines lately?????  So many neat features!  I have to admit I have a laundry list of what a new machine has to have - just in case.
  1. Built in scissors - a DEFINITE.  Love that feature on my current machine and won't buy a new one without it.
  2. Needle Up/Down - goes without saying.  I wish when you turned the machine on, it automatically started with the needle down engaged.
  3. Knee lever - love being able to lift the presser foot without taking my hands off the fabric.  Great control when free motion quilting and chain piecing
  4. A stop/start button.  Sometimes I don't want to use the foot pedal, like when sewing long strips or stippling.
  5. Built in walking foot - ok, I admit I'm lusting after this feature.  The 7200 doesn't have it and I'm just tired of having to put one on and off and having it come loose if I go too fast.
  6. An extended bed.  Have it now and wouldn't buy another machine without it.  Quilting and sewing bulky items is a breeze.
  7. Stitches and more stitches - the more stitches a machine has, the better I like it.  How do you know when you'll want/need 80 million decorative stitches for a project?
  8. Speed - it's got to sew at least 1,000 spm or it's too slow for me.
  9. A motor that can handle qulting for long periods of time
  10. A good feed dog system for great stitch formation.
  11. A low bobbin warning.
A Wish List For Things I'd Love To Have but don't exist - sewing machine companies are you listening????
  1. I don't want it to weigh 400 pounds.
  2. I want it to run off two spools of thread - NO MORE BOBBINS! 
I think if I found a machine that ran off two spools of thread instead of a bobbin and a spool of thread, I might just give up one of the first 11 want/needs and buy a wagon to cart it around if it weighed 400 pounds!

Till next time.