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Quilting Possibilities
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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ahhh, the possibilities!

Today I have a day to myself - well OK, I do have to go into the shop but I'm not scheduled to do ANYTHING while I'm there! I am practically giddy with the thought! I don't think Jim or anyone on the staff has figured out that I don't have a class today, don't have an appointment to meet with anyone, I'm not scheduled to work the sales floor and while I probably should tackle the mess that I pretend is my office - that's not going to happen.

So - what to do? Load up the HandiQuilter and do the two quilts patiently waiting to be finished? Tackle the paperwork I've left for "someday"? Work on the summer class schedule? Figure out what samples need to be done, kits need to be remade, displays need to be moved?

Well the answer is obvious - the HQ and quilting wins out! Now to actually get a quilt loaded and get quilting before anyone finds something for me to do.

Till next time.

1 comment:

Karen Snyder said...

Don't you love those special "bonus" days. They're the best.