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Sunday, March 2, 2008

What I've Been Working On.

Sometimes it is the lot of a store owner that you spend more time at the computer doing paperwork than you do at your sewing machine. This week I've actually been at the sewing machine more. It's been a nice change.

This is a pillow that I whipped up in an hour or so. Cute for spring! My sample still needs eyes on the bunnies!

Kristie whipped up the flower sample. My friend Karen from Quilt Company in PA designs these. She did the Christmas one that was so popular this last year too.

I had a customer in the shop Friday who asked why I didn't have any table runners for Easter? I keep thinking Easter is so far away . . . . WRONG. It's in three weeks! Yikes! So this morning I whipped up this runner & the girls kitted it today.
You can find all these kits on our webpage www.quiltingpossibilities.net

I thought I'd pawned off a sample on Judy - As The Baby Churns - but have somehow gotten it back to quilt it. I'm not quite sure how that happened . . .
I'll get a picture of it posted tomorrow.
Jim and I are off the Philadelphia Flower Show tomorrow. I can hardly wait to take that first step into the show and smell SPRING!
Until next time.

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