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Monday, February 25, 2008


I'm home with my dumbbells - even have the weights screwed on and have taken a few test lifts. Let me just say right off - 10 lbs is ALOT heavier than 4 lbs! I'm alittle worried about clonking myself on the head with them as I lift them overhead . . . Good thing Jim will be home tomorrow morning when I really try them out - if I knock myself out, someone will notice sooner!

Shopping at the big sports store was a perfect lesson in how not to do customer service. Every seminar dealing with customer service I've ever attended harps on greeting the customer within 1 minute of them walking through the door. At QP we try to at least say hello and not to spout off with the dreaded "Can I help you?" line, which most EVERYONE, including me, automatically says no to. Not one person spoke to me or acknowledged me until I was checking out and the cashier asked if I knew any of the 5lb weights had a POS sticker on them. I was in the store for a good 20 minutes, in the same department, going from sets to individual weights so you could build your own trying to decide what to buy. They get an F for customer service.

Ok, here you have a 50 year old woman in the weight lifting section of the store. It's kind of like a man coming in to QP with a list of things he's supposed to get - the whole scene screams "HELP ME". Good thing I did my research before I went because there was no help offered at the Sports Authority in Brick. Now granted, I didn't go looking for anyone to help me and if I'd had burning questions about what I was after, I would have. But whatever happened to customer service? If there had been a local store where I could have gotten this equipment, I would have gladly paid more for a little service and guidance. We live in a Wal-Mart world ladies & gents & I am not sure that's a good thing.

So then it was off to B&N for a yoga book - no local bookstores anymore either, bummer. I found a book with good pictures and descriptions but no DVDs. So it was home to the computer & Amazon. It's hard to buy books online - how the heck do you know what you're getting until it arrives and then it's too late?
Doesn't this look painful? I don't think I could do this when I was 19!

If I'm not in the store tomorrow, you will know I was following my yoga book and pulled something I shouldn't have - or I clonked myself on the head with my new dumbbells!

Till next time.

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