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Thursday, September 22, 2011

STOP! I want to get off!

Ok, not get off permanently but I would like life to give me a breather for a couple of days.  It seems like I've been on a going WAY too fast merry-go-round for the past few years and a couple of days to sit back and relax would be really nice.  Hmmm, that sounds like a vacation . . .  YES a vacation would be really nice but who has time?

This whirling dance I call life has been especially hectic this last month.  I last wrote from St. Louis - no Baby Lock Tech is NOT a vacation! - where Jim and I spent 5 days getting up at 6:30am, attending classes till 5pm and then relaxing at dinners with friends (those lunches and dinners were mini vacations!).  Sewing machine conventions are wonderful things to attend but they are work, so they don't count as vacations.

This is a picture I took of the Quilts of Valor Block display in the vendor area.  I haven't heard how many blocks they ended up with but notice the bags of blocks at the base of the display that weren't even done yet.  I was standing in line to turn our 23 in and the woman in front of me handed Pam Mashe 250!

We came home from Baby Lock Tech and Jim left four days later for Janome Institute in Orlando where he was among the first to see the new Janome 12000!  I'm busy planning our coming out party.  Join us Sat, Oct 1st at 10:30am to see the new machine!  RSVP so we have enough chairs, thanks!

Four days after Jim arrived home, our second grandchild arrived - Colin Robert, 8lbs 8ozs arrived to join big brother Nathan.  Of course much time has been devoted to baby rocking.  Nathan stayed with us while Mom and Dad stayed at the hospital with Colin.  Let me tell you I know now why women in their 50's don't have children . . .when they picked Nathan up so they could all go home, I kissed him good-bye, and then went and took the first of two naps of the day!

Nathan is busy, busy, busy ALL DAY.  He'll sit and read for 5 or 10 minutes but then he's off exploring anything and everything - toilets, electrical plugs (yes, we have those cover things, he can get them off), anything and everything in any drawer or cabinet in the kitchen, laundry room or office.  All the rest of the rooms have the doors shut.  Toys?  HA - the kid  has who knows how many toys - if it doesn't have buttons or lights on it, forget it.  No remote, phone, key fob, etc is safe.  I keep telling him it's a good thing he's cute . . . .

Meanwhile, my boys and the Stef(ph)anies are in and out, I'm over Sara and Brian's cooking (maybe that's the problem, I rarely cook, Jim does all the cooking!) or driving somewhere.  Sara had a C-Section and can't drive, pick up Nathan or do much yet.  I do have to go to the store at least sometimes or those rumors that I'm retiring in two years will gain legs again!  No, I'm not retiring in two years, that's just a rumor - if I was going to retire, I'd do it NOW!

It's the fall season, the store is busy, new samples need to be made and I'm not getting to sew very much.  And I think that's the biggest part of what's making me crazy - no sewing time.  It's hard to sew when you're never home to do it, and if you are home, your little assistant is not allowed anywhere near the sewing room. (I shudder to think about what he could do in there!)

I think I need to shove some paperwork off on Jim and then take that time and sew.  Good plan - as Tim says on Project Runway - "Make It WORK".  I'm going to make more sewing time work and THAT will be my little vacation from this merry-go-round I call life.

What's YOUR mini vacation?  (And don't tell me short trips to some exotic location, I'll be really jealous!)

Till next time.

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