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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A SEW Day!

Every once in awhile I take a sew day at work - actually this week I've done TWO!  One of the great myths of the world is that quilt shop owners are able to sit in the shop and sew all the time.  In my shop, it rarely happens but when it does, I have the whole shop at my disposal!  I can use whatever machine I want, the thread color I need is ALWAYS available, there's a big surface for cutting, I never run out of fabric, I have the right size batting & I can baste on the classroom tables.  Ahhhh, nirvana!

My niece Carla's baby shower is this Sunday in Massachusetts.  Mom is here and we can't go so I'm mailing the gifts to my sister-in-law.  I made her four very nice receiving blankets - why are store bought ones so cheesy after the first wash?  I've been making these receiving blankets since James Michael was a baby, one 1/4 yard of each of a flannel and another fabric.  Sometimes I use two flannels, sometimes flannel and a Minkee, sometimes Minkee and a fabric - depends on when the baby is born.  Carla is getting a variety.

Riley O'Connor is going to have a great selection of receiving blankets if his Great Aunt Debbie is going to have anything to say about it!  Carla is doing the nursery in creams, blues and browns, hence the colors.  Loved the teal Monkey Cuddle Cloth too much not to use it though!  The back of that has a new waffle fabric from Moda.  It gives it an interesting texture - very soft.  I think Nathan needs one of those!

So yesterday morning I'm finishing the serged edges of the blankets (they can be done on the sewing machine too) so I can put them in the mail and I decide I should be sending a quilt.  Am I nuts?  Obviously, yes since today I'm mailing the receiving blankets and a quilt!  

I had no classes yesterday so it was a SEW DAY!  Started out with an EQ pattern at 8am, choose the fabrics at 10:30 and finished the binding at 3:40.  Yes, you can do a quilt in a day - Eleanor would be proud of me!

This is a pattern I call QP Twist.  This is the block and the block placement creates the pinwheel effect.  It's an easy pattern, one I wrote directions for in 2005 and hadn't done in awhile.  

I hope Carla, Danny and Riley like it.  I enjoyed my SEW Day VERY much!  Carla's sister Jennifer is due next month, there's going to be another SEW Day in my future very soon.

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