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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Quilting Is Murder Books, Blogs & Fabric!

The first round of Quilting Is Murder is over so while we wait for the next installment, six of the Killer Shops are offering a great deal on fabric packs to go with Becky Lomasney's Five Yards of Fun Quilt patterns and Terri Thayer's quilt mystery series!  This series is one I've enjoyed so much I kept the books to reread.  There's three in the series and our blogs will center around one book at a time.  

Right now it's the first in Terri's Quilting Mystery series Wild Goose Chase.  A snarky national quilting teacher is murdered at a quilt show, a bloody rotary cutter lying beside her. The suspects are many and few!  Our heroine is a local shop owner dealing with the unexpected death of her mom, who owned the quilt shop and an underhanded sister-in-law who feels SHE should have been left in charge of the shop.  Interesting subplots to go with the murder.

Our fabric packs & patterns are up online - click here - it's pretty neat.  We have three patterns and seven fabric packs - you choose a fabric bundle AND you choose the pattern you want to make.  The pattern is included in the cost of the kit.  The mystery is what you will make with the bundles!  Very cool!

So with this book, we're highlighting the Glorious Geese pattern - of course!  I'm think the fall batik bundle would be perfect for a "manly" lap quilt.  Of course it would also coordinate beautifully with my living room . . .

Enjoy the fun!  Pick the fabric, pick the pattern - you solve the mystery and make a quilt!

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