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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Mystery . . .

It was a dark and stormy night, lightning split the air  as the thunder rolled, rain slashed, wind howled and  the body lay face down . . . . .

Don't you love a good mystery?  Reading is another of my favorite pastimes.  I love to curl up somewhere with a good book & I have a hard time falling asleep at night if I don't have anything to read.  Mysteries are a favorite but I like a good smut book too.  My friend Betsey refers to them as beach reads, since we used to read them at the beach, I think the publishing industry calls them something like more dignified like contemporary romance.  I'll pretty much read anything except Science Fiction and stories where the woman lead is a wuss will make me put a book down without ever finishing it. (don't you just want to smack women in books who can't make up their mind?  Get on with it already!).  

Right before Christmas I loaded up on mysteries.  One is a series about a knitting shop on Cape Ann where I grew up.  I like the references to places I know and the whodunits are pretty good too.  

Another was the first in a new (for me) series about a quilt shop in northern NY.  I liked the first one and will be buying others in the series.  (Although I had a moment where I wanted to smack the main character.)

And the third one was about a stitchery shop in Washington state.  I like to stitch, like mysteries, why not?   (Although if the owner of that shop doesn't get more customers, she'll be going out of business soon - I know I don't have as much time in my shop to sew as she does to stitch!)  I'll be waiting for the second one in this series to come out.

So I am eagerly awaiting the new online quilting mystery "Quilting Is Murder".  I was really excited when asked to be one of the Killer Shops! And even more excited when I discovered two of these authors will be posting on the QIM blog!   Three more days and the mystery will start and YOU can be a detective!

Who Dunnit?

You can join in the fun by reading along and becoming a Quilt Detective. As each mini-series unfolds in weekly chapters, you can collect clues and register to win quilting prizes. We have 15 "Killer Shops" all wondering who the killer is. They'll be furiously blogging and posting on facebook to keep everyone in the loop. Watch their posts and read the clues: they are also offering special deals to our quilting detectives!
At the end of the series, we'll be awarding some of our lucky Quilt Detectives Drop Dead prizes. Take a peek at our "Deadly" Sponsors here.
Finally, we've recruited some of the quilting industry's most popular personalities to help find the killer – follow along on our Facebook page and our Blog to see what they have to say.

Will you be one of our Detectives?

Click here to sign up!

Till next time.


Tammie said...

How fun! I love a good mystery too!

Mary H. said...

I'll be reading on my new IPad! Love to read, and to quilt....wish I was closer to QP...stop every year on our vacay in LBI!

Jerzydeb said...

I'm signed up, and looking forward to it - but already blew my first New Years Resolution - not to buy too much more fabric ... work from stash - because of the killer shops had just the backing I was looking for .... on sale .... Oh well, guess I can make a different New Years Resolution !

crafteme said...

Thanks for ideas on some reads. I've been stuck in a rut on the same author and have been looking to get out of it! I'm off to register for the Quilting is Murder Mystery! Sounds like a ton of fun!!!

Have a Happy Healthy and Prosperous New Year!!!!

Janine said...

Thanks for the book recommendations! I love reading these mysteries. The librarian here calls them "cozies".