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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Warm Weather, Fair Skies

This is where I was LAST Thursday.

This is where I am this Thursday.

May I just say BRRRRR!

Jim & I went to the FL Keyes last week with my older brother & sister-in-law to surprise my Mom for her 75th birthday. We went a little early, stayed a little late and managed to spend 6 days in the warmer weather! A VERY nice break from the cold we've been having here at the Jersey Shore. We left Atlantic City airport in a snowstorm and came home again in a snowstorm.

While in Key West on Saturday, I stopped into the Seam Shoppe to visit. They sell one of my patterns & I had a nice chat with Cindy who owns the shop. This is Cindy standing under a sample of my Pinwheels at the Beach pattern.

After hiking the "1/2 mile" my younger brother told me it was to get back to the shop from where we parked - yeah right, it was more like THREE MILES David - I nearly missed them as they close at 2pm on Saturdays but luckily - for David - they were still waiting on a customer.

Nice shop with some great tropical prints and exciting to see my patterns somewhere other than my shop!

We spent the week just below Key Largo and enjoyed ourselves immensely by snorkeling the first day, Key West another day and then basically laying around the pool the rest of the time. It was lovely.

My Mom was more than a little stunned to find my older brother, sister-in-law, Jim and I in the restaurant they'd stopped to eat in. My two nephews have been having a really good time playing mind games with their grandmother for the past few weeks. She thought Jim & I were arriving a week after we actually did and didn't think my older brother was coming at all. We ate at the Fish House in Key Largo and they stuck a candle in a fish as her birthday cake.

All in all I'm glad to be home, but boy do I wish the weather here was 70 degrees and sunny instead of the 19 we have today!

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donacoffey said...

I think I passed that quilt shop on our way out of Key West but it was 5 and it looked like it was closed.

We ate at the Fish House the last night we were in the Keys.

Glad you had a good time.
Dona COffey