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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The best of intentions

Our $5 quilt club starts in March so in December I decided to get my act together & actually design the quilt for 2009. This project was going to be a bit of a challenge for me since I wanted to do it in EQ6 and hadn't even taken the wrapping off the EQ6 box yet. I also wanted to use our Accucut machine that I've had collecting dust for more years than I am ever going to admit to!

So I sat myself down and forced myself to learn EQ6 and designed a queen sized quilt! I was EXTREMELY proud of myself.

I figured out how to send the EQ6 images over to Corel Draw where I wrote up all the instructions, had EQ6 figure out yardage requirements (then checked them myself because I didn't trust it) and was generally thrilled that I was actually finished and WAY ahead of time too.

I should have known that my being organized and ready months ahead was too good to be true. I swore that the AccuQuilt dies I had were for a 12" block so I designed the quilt around 12" blocks. WRONG. Lori made up the first block and told me it only came out to 8 1/2". Of course I was trying to figure out how the heck she screwed it up since all the pieces are die cut . . . . she didn't screw up, I did.

I'd already shown the graphic to some of the 2008 participants and told them it would be queen sized. Some had already bought their background fabrics. Now what?

Back to the drawing board. I went back into EQ6 an tried to make those 8" blocks work. Nope. I finally gave up, went online and ordered the 12" dies. Then I called Lori and told her to stop making the 8" blocks.

Since I have TWO of the 8" block sets - don't ask - one will be going on Ebay very shortly! (Update - I sold the second set to a friend who has a shop in CA.)
Look for our $5 Quilt Club to start the second Friday and Saturday of March in two colorways - 1800 reproductions and batiks. There's a $10 cost to join, you will purchase your background fabric & setting triangle fabric and then if you finish your block, show up to one of the meeting on time each month - you get the next block free. If you miss or are late, your block is $5. A finishing kit will be available in April & will include the 13th block, sashing, borders, binding & the finishing pattern. Call the shop to sign up.

This will be offered as a mailed block of the month for $25.00 the first month and $13.95 for the next eleven months after & will include everything needed to make a queen sized top & binding. See the details on our website under block of the months.


Anonymous said...

I am sooooo proud of you for actually using the Accucut! You go girl! I LOVE mine and just get the biggest kick out of cutting pieces that are all exactly the same. Got to be some mass assembly line kinda thing from childhood. The more you use it, the more you will think of things for it to do for you and your customers! And of course, more dies you just have to have!!! I am very proud of you!!!!! And good for you stimulating the ecomony! Spend that money!!!!! Lisa T

Anonymous said...

How can I find your store on E-bay? I'd like to look at those blocks when they come out!

Debbie said...

I don't have an ebay store. I have a website where you can find the graphic of the quilt & sign up for the BOM. www.quiltingpossibilities.net

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