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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The New Year

It's already Jan 2nd! The holidays are done and that wierd week in between Christmas & New Year's - when everyone feels like they should be on vacation but they aren't - is done too. I like this time of year, it's cold, sometimes there is snow - it's quilt & cocoa time!

I'm working on a few samples for the shop - Scrap Therapy starts this month and the samples need to be finished. I've finished one - quilted and bound! - a sunflower table runner and am working on the lap quilt. I chose a blue kind of old fashioned calicoey fabric for my focust fabric and am yanking things out of my stash to make the rest. Some of that fabric is REALLY old! I've had a good time going through my stash wondering why the heck I would have bought a particular fabric to wondering why I didn't use a particular fabric before!

I'm also working on a queen size quilt for the bed in the shop lobby. All I have left to do is the second half of the inner border and to put the outer border on - although I have to say that's all I've had to do for almost a month now. Not sure what the mental block is there! It's a gorgeous quilt from a simple pattern - rail fence. The fabric is what makes the quilt, soft pinks, roses, greens and creams from Timeless Treasures - very shabby chic. It will be a great quilt and won't go with anything in my house at all!

I need to design two quilts - one for the shop hop and another for QuiltGalleryShops.com. They both need to be done pretty quickly. The shop hop one is first and I haven't thought of anything for that yet but do have a pretty bolt of fabric I am going to use and the Quilt Gallery Shops one is designed but the fabric hasn't arrived yet.

What's the saying? We work best under pressure!


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