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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Charmed I'm Sure - NOT!

So, I have this bag of charm squares - a dozen from each of the 8 shops involved in the spring shop hop. Each shop is designing a project using the charm squares. I need to design one for QP. The bag has been staring at me since at September and the project needs to be done before the 14th. Have I been thinking about it? Planning? Designing? No.

I keep thinking I need to find that perfect piece of fabric to tie it all together. I keep thinking that inspiration will just come in a flash of light. I keep thinking I have plenty of time . . . .

Time's Up!

I know I want to do something easy - something quick - something that will look great and not take me or the quilter hardly any time at all . . . I'm looking for that perfect design that looks hard to do but is deceptively easy to whip out. I'm looking for an easy out!

Rail Fence? Nope too many pieces and not enough coordination in the charms (they're all green but from any line of fabric.

Churn Dash? hmmm, maybe

Four Patch? hmmmm, if I put it with another block, throw in some off white fabric and find a fabric for the border that will tie it all together . . . . That could work.

What about half square triangles?

I think I need to go to the shop, find a good border print and go from there.

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