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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I collect vintage mason jars.  I love them and I have no idea why.  I've been looking for the green ones that came out this year but haven't managed to snag any yet.  And this is the first year that I canned in a long time, so I hauled out my trusty, newer mason jars out of the garage and canned tomatoes and made butter pickles.  The old ones, I just love to look at and have a pinterest 

I started collecting mason jars in my grandmother's cellar when I was about 12 - the same time I asked her if I could have the Hoosier cabinet and Elias Howe treadle sewing machine!  Cheeky little thing but she remembered and when I moved into my first apartment - that Hoosier cabinet and treadle came out of her cellar and into my kitchen, along with all the mason jars!  

I have more but with the grands, not all are out.  The grands know this is a NO TOUCH zone.  (I told them I'd cry if they broke anything and that seems to be working!)

Terry Atkinson posted this on her Facebook page this morning - this is just too danged cute!  The napkins were a project from her Groovy Girls Sewing Club we ran about four years ago, so if you belonged to that, you have the pattern already.  If you didn't belong, Terry has turned it into a pattern and I just put in an order for some!  We'll be using this as part of our Christmas display that will go up in the next week or so and we'll have the patterns for you.

Do you collect vintage mason jars?  I'll bet you do!

Till next time.

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