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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Where Does Time Go?

It's been absolutely, positively CRAZY around here!  And it looks like the craziness is just going to continue well into the summer.

Jim and I just returned from a quilting cruise to Bermuda with 39 people joining us.  What fun!  It was quite a bit of work and the weather wasn't exactly the best, but we enjoyed cruising, enjoyed Bermuda and enjoyed everyone who went with us - a perfect way to spend 5 days!

Here we are celebrating making it to the ship on time, getting the classroom set up and actually making it to dinner on time!  I've posted more pictures on the shop's Facebook page, just put Quilting Possibilities in the FB search engine and be sure to like us while you are there!

While we were away the 11th annual NJ shop hop was finishing up.  Ten days of extended hours, 400 and some odd shop hoppers - it was fun but I was ready to get on that ship!

Home again and we're gearing up for a visit next weekend from LuAnn, a Janome educator, who is going to host a hands on class and a Horizon 12000 party.  Call the shop for details or click here

The weekend after that is Mother's Day and Colin is being christened that morning.  My annual make my kids do yard work day is being postponed this year.  And it will be a year since I fell and broke my ankle in two places.  That's something I hope I never do again!

Then it's off to Minnesota to celebrate nephew Tony's wedding and see the family for a few days.

And then ladies and gents, it's Memorial Day!  Now how the heck did that happen?  We'll be having our annual Sidewalk/Classroom Sale, more details on that will be coming but save the date.  

Then Joan is coming from Baby Lock to do a Stabilizer Savy Event June 2nd.  If you own an embroidery machine, you NEED this class!  Click here for more info.

June 4th is Nathan's birthday.  He'll be two - what???  Not possible - but it is possible.  That tiny, little baby I held two years ago is growing to be quite the little boy.  

Then it's my birthday - we won't discuss how old I am, ok, Karen Montgomery is the same age as me and forced me to figure out how old we would be this year - double nickles this year 55!

Which brings us to the shop's birthday.  QP turns SIXTEEN this year!  Holy smokes!  Sweet Sixteen and we're having a party.  Plan on joining us June 9th and 10th as we celebrate.  I've floated the idea that the staff dress like they did when they were 16 - do I need to tell you how well that went over???

Till next time.

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