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Monday, November 21, 2011

Shop Small

Have you heard of Shop Small Saturday?  You've probably seen the ads on TV where they say if everyone buys just one gift at their local down town, it would make a huge difference in the community's economy.  And that saying - Think globally, act locally?  It's appropriate for your holiday shopping too.

Shop Small is coming up this Saturday and is a movement gaining popularity to shop locally first.  There are stores around where you live run by people who live in your community and most of the dollars you spend there, stay in your community and help the local economy.

There is plenty in town to find gifts for everyone on your list!  Everyone gets their hair cut - gift certificates to a local salon will make both the giftee and the salon happy.  How about a manicure for a new Mom?  Or a pedicure?  Accompany it with a coupon to babysit while she goes.  It might not be something she usually does but just the hour by herself, will be like a mini vacation!

Restaurants - everyone has to eat!  Even teenagers eat and love pizza - give them gift cards to the local pizzaria - House of Pizza in Bayville makes really good pizza, try their Baked Ziti Pizza.  I am sure, yes positive, your grandmother does NOT want another powder gift set.  She would probably be thrilled with a gift card from a restaurant that she loves and who delivers.

I still laugh when I think about the customer who told me that she would absolutely scream if she opened up another nightgown and bathrobe from her son and daughter-in-law.  She told me she's told them straight out, here is QP's numbers, call them and get a gift card - DON'T GET ANYTHING ELSE!  I would have loved to have seen the look of relief on her daughter-in-law's face when she found out she didn't have to spend hours wandering the mall trying to figure out SOMETHING besides a robe and nightgown to give her mother-in-law.

The German Butcher Store in Forked River is a local favorite.  Family run, they have wonderful meats, cheeses and dinners.  I'd like a gift card from their if any of my children are listening . . .

Have someone in a nursing home of assisted living?  Buy them a book of stamps (the PO can use the money!) and a box of notecards, give them a gift card to their favorite hair salon and take them to have their hair done by whoever used to do it.

Blue Moon Books also in Forked River is a great used book store.  Give someone the gift of time and a present, let them browse for their own book.

Craft stores, hobby shops, toy stores, auto repair shops, barber shops, movie houses, restaurants, nail salons, pizza places, spas, beauty parlors, hardware stores - if you have them, count your blessings and support them.  They support your community and you.

Shop small and make a big difference this holiday season!

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Pat said...

I just registered my amex card so that I can get the $25 credit on my account when I purchase $25 or more at a small business this Sat!!! Cool!