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Sunday, November 27, 2011

It's Almost Time!

Are you sewing like crazy for Christmas?  Or are you done already?  (HA! That will NEVER be me!) Or are you like most of us, still trying to dream up things that you can make up quickly that look like you took forever to make?  (That would be me!)  I'm sewing some secret things for Christmas this year which I can't post about because certain people read this blog and my secrets won't be secrets anymore.

Next Saturday I'll be hosting two HANDMADE FOR THE HOLIDAYS events at the shop (click here for details) that will give the locals some good ideas of things there is still time to make and impress your gift recipients but for all of you out in blogland who can't make it, I thought I'd give you some ideas too.  So check back over the next couple of weeks, I'll be posting different ideas that maybe you could use.  I'll include links to our website under the pictures so you can quickly get started because after all, it's getting down to the wire even if we don't want to think so!

Cash & Carry
Teenagers are probably one of the hardest groups to buy a gift for.  Who knows what they really want and if you do know, how the heck do you afford it?  So we end up going with gift cards which just don't seem personal.  The card itself isn't but what you're giving them is time, time to wander the shop or the mall or an opportunity to go out to eat and not have to beg for money to do it.  So, wrap that gift card in something they can use.  Girls are easy, can they ever have enough little purses?  Here's a really cute little purse that's quick and easy, and hey, you'll have enough time to make one for yourself too!

Boys - ummm harder but everyone can use a pillowcase.  We have great kits for pillowcases and the pattern is free when you buy the kit.  Younger teenage boys you can use a sports or car motif, we have quite a few of those, just pick something out from the novelty or boys section of our website, tell us to make it into a pillowcase kit in the nots section of our web site.  Pillowcase kits are $14.99.  Older teenage boys - black, anything black, or fiind out the color of their room or their favorite color.

I'll post every couple of days with more ideas.

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