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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weddings & Engagements

Sunset in Key West
We are just back from Key West where our oldest son married his Stefanie and our middle one announced he'd asked his Stephanie to marry him.  (It gets very confusing at the table with the two Stef(ph)anies and the two James!)

The wedding was gorgeous, held at the Reach Resort out on their pavillion that overlooked the water.  Picture perfect weather - 86 and sunny every day.  By the time the wedding started at 5:30, it had cooled to a perfect temp.
Besotted with each other.

Jeremy focusing on getting the rings off his finger.

Mr & Mrs James Welch Jr.

Nathan was less than impressed with the whole thing and fell asleep after watching Stefanie come down the aisle.  He did manage to wake up after the formal pictures were taken.  The photographer said she'd photoshop eyes on his eyelids  :0) 

Sara, Nathan & Brian

Reception was held at a restaurant above Duval Street.

Dancing with the groom.

Jeremy & His Stephanie
No trip to Key West would be complete without a visit to the southern most point of the US or to watch the sunset.

Sara, Nathan & Brian 

Sunset in Key West

A wonderful time was had by all.  Gorgeous weather, gorgeous wedding, family & good friends - what more can you ask for?

Till next time. 


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PEGGY said...

Great pictures Deb...what a whirlwind couple of years you're having!
Congratulations to all!