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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Valentine's Day

Our Valentine display.
Yes, it's almost that time - Valentine's Day.  I've been "fluffing" the Valentine's display at the shop and made up some quickie towels using ric rac.  I saw this on a blog somewhere and of course now can't find it.  It was one of those you start at one place and then click on a link, click on another link, then another, and another - and pretty soon two hours are gone, it's WAY past bedtime and you have no idea of how you got to where you are!

I do remember the blogger said that she'd bought towels like this in red and green for Christmas at Pier One maybe?  Anyway, she showed simple towels decorated with ric rac and I thought - I have towels, I have ric rak!

So it was dark and snowing last night so I knew it would be a quiet night at the shop and I could sew.  I dug out all the supplies and mentioned to Holli & Fern what I was planning and Fern suggested I use up the rest of the pre-fused hearts from the small heart wall hanging - two heads are better than one!

These are an EASY project and something you can whip up in a flash to decorate your kitchen.  Gather up a kitchen towel, some appliques if you want and some ric rac - we have ALL kinds at the shop!  Stitch the ric rac, and the appliques if you want them, onto your towels with matching thread.  That's it.  Oh yes, arrange them so you like them, then stitch!

Of course you can go crazy and add machine embroidery, or hand stitch some redwork hearts, cupids or something too.  If you want simple, quick and adorable - go with just the ric rac.

They were so easy, I made some for St. Patrick's Day in green!

Till next time - stitch something!

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