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Monday, November 8, 2010

Samples, Ideas, Fabric - OH MY!

Since I'm just home from Quilt Market - the mecca for quilt shops world wide - I'm filled to the absolute brim with ideas, new patterns, new fabrics, new everything.  While I know I can't possibly throw out everything in the shop and start over . . . . , nah, can't, I'm already thinking about samples for winter and spring.

Thangles & two fabrics - honestly how long could it take?
Thanksgiving you say?  Christmas you say?  Like most retail, I'm at least one season ahead.  It's too late to make a sample for Thanksgiving for the shop unless it's a quick quickie one, you all wouldn't have time to take it home and make it in time for this Thanksgiving.  Now if you're one of those organized type people, you'll be looking for projects for NEXT Thanksgiving, or if you're like me, you're going to remember next week that your sister-in-law, friend, mom, someone! dropped broad hints about wanting a new table runner for the Thanksgiving table . . .  well don't panic, we have some pretty nice projects for Thanksgiving for you!  Christmas on the other hand, I still have time to do that!  Hence the fabric sitting on the kitchen table that will be made into a Thangles Tree skirt today, hopefully!

So while I'm sewing the tree skirt and finishing up my Cookie Time Pillow, I'll be dreaming of stitching a flannel quilt from a pattern I designed and machine appliqueing flowers for a class I'm planning for after the holidays.  Fern, Holli and Mary Ann BEGGED for some wool projects and I found some really neat ones at  market.  Bug them to get going on the samples!  My friend Sandy also showed me a company that I'm going to look into that has bright, colorful wool patterns and kits.

January Mini Wall Hanging
We'll have a new Mini Wall Hanging block of the month starting in December - so you can work on January's wall hanging and get it done in time.  The picture is of the designer's sample, ours will have our own colors and as soon as the patterns get here and we get ours made, I'll post it.  You can click here for details.

We'll have a new class starting in January that will teach you how to use a new foot each month while you're sewing a block for a floral quilt.  Very neat!  Any brand of machine is welcome.  We're still working on the details and I'll post when they're ready.  I'm thinking I want to do mine in batiks!

I brought home redwork patterns and have this great pattern for an applique vehicle quilt for little boys coming, an HQ weekend seminar in the works, some long armers who want to teach, and on and on and on.  The mind is spinning!

My trusty office assistant is due in shortly.  He wasn't a big help last week, needing lots of cuddling time.  I like to to think he was making up for all the cuddling we missed while I was in Houston.  I thought I was on over the top Grammy showing my Nathan pictures to everyone.  I had 3 little wallet ones of Sir Cuteness.  I THOUGHT I was over the top, until I chatted with Eleanor Burns who showed me an EIGHT BY TEN INCH picture of her newest granddaughter.  I felt much better standing in the aisle talking to Nathan on the phone after that!  :0)

Till next time.

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