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Friday, October 22, 2010

It's That Time Of Year

I love fall, I really do.  I love the colors - crisp reds, oranges, golds - I love the cooler temps, and the trees!  How do those of you who can't watch the trees change colors mark the passing of the summer season?  This is the time of the year I really miss New England.  I don't miss the leaf peeper buses but I do miss that gorgeous spread of color across the hills.  We have the trees changing here at the shore, but not the glorious abundance of it like home.

I love to decorate my house with gourds and pumpkins - what makes those minature pumpkins so addicting?  All the different shapes & sizes.  Same with the gourds - the freakier the shape and colors, the better I like them!

Fall also brings a busy season to quilt shop owners and sewing machine dealers.  Life picks up the pace a notch and we hustle to keep ahead of it.  Sewers and quilters are now thinking it's time to get ready for the holidays and make gifts, the hall table needs a new runner, my sister-in-law is hinting she'd like a new quilt - you know the drill.  You're all thinking fall and I'm thinking Christmas!

So I'm decorating with pumpkins, gourds and fall table toppers.  Jim is churning our homemade pies with the apples we've picked.  The fall quilts have come out.  The sewing room however, looks like Santa's workshop three days before Christmas!  I think I need some elves!  I have three table runners in various stages of progress strewn about the room.  I'd show you pictures of my room but then I'd have to admit how messy it is . . . .

It's fall, the air is crisp and it's quilting time!  Put the soup in the crockpot, fire up the bread maker and sew.  It's that time of year and I'm glad.  It's one of my favorites.

Till next time.


Anonymous said...

I too love this time of year. Our lives return to the inside and we resume the things that makes us happy other than the pool and bar-b-ques. It also makes us think of the past when the kids were little and we dressed them up for trick or treating. I couldnt wait to "inspect" their loot upon their return. Mom always got the good stuff. I still enjoy decorating my house with the pumpkins, witches and candy corn trays. Tonite we carve the pumpkin and roast the seeds. Apple cider on hand. Enjoy these times before the snow starts rollong in. Happy Halloween all!

Mary Jayne said...

Our outside is all decorated but the inside is not yet done! Two of our grandchildren are coming to stay for the night so maybe they will help us.

Pat said...

I love all the beautiful colors of fall too - bright red apples and the beautiful leaves - saw some awesome leaves on the parkway today as I was passing through. Love apple cider and apple pies too! Hoping I can sew some fall placemats with the new fabric I've got stashed away!

Pat said...

All the beautiful fall sunsets and turning leaves are a welcome site after such a hot summer...its beautiful to ride through the farmer's fields after they've harvested all their crops and ready the soil for their winter wheat. Have a wonderful fall Debbie!