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Monday, July 26, 2010

Dog Days of Summer Are Here EARLY!

It's hot here at the Jersey Shore!  I haven't been to the beach yet but I would imagine it's hot there too.  What's a girl/guy to do?  Stay inside and SEW!  It's just too danged hot to do anything else.

I've been working on my Nine Patches.  How many do you have done?  Ok, ok, I'm behind again but for one brief, shining moment - I actually had more done than I was supposed to have.  Let's see, I've done 42 and it's July 26, so we're all supposed to have 56 done as of today.  So I'm not that far behind.  I can still catch up!

I've also been sewing some things for Nathan - sheets mostly.  Have you seen how expensive sheets for Port A Plays and cribs are????  That's crazy!  A rectangle of fabric, some elastic and about 20 minutes and you have a designer sheet.  Simple.  We're going to be producing our own baby patterns and one of them is going to be for sheets.

I've also been sewing for Halloween. Such is the life of a shop owner, we're always thinking a season ahead!  This is a simple table runner made from a striped fabric.  You can find a kit on our website.

And speaking of being a season ahead, it's so danged hot, I'm sewing snowflakes!  This is still on my design wall.  I had a border on it and then decided it was too big and didn't add anything, so it went in a pile to be used for binding.  It's from some GORGEOUS batiks by Laundry Basket.  I'm hoping that sewing a winter project will cool me off.  It's a mental thing . . .

Hey, those are nine patches!  Wait!  I now have 50 done!!!  :0)

We're still pulling wallpaper off at the house Jeremy, the middle child, bought.  Jim's graduated from wallpaper pulling to wiring for internet and cable & electrical problems.  I've graduated from being ballast for the ladder on the stairs to running the steamer.  Today we're going out there for, hopefully, the last day of wallpaper duty.  Sara goes back to work next Monday, Jeremy's vacation is over and Grammy and Grampy start babysitting two days a week.  Wallpaper duty will be over so hopefully we'll get it all done today.

The reward for all this work is supper with all the family.  Worth pulling wallpaper for any day!

I hope this finds you quilting in a COOL place!

Till next time!

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