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Monday, January 18, 2010

The Countdown!

This coming weekend is THE busiest weekend of the month, heck probably of the year. On Thurs, relatives start arriving for the Sunday wedding, Friday more arrive and Sat the rest of them arrive - including my Mom who is being released from the rehab in the morning and then coming down with my older brother & sister-in-law. We'll get her settled in as best we can in the midst of the all the wedding hoopla. Poor woman, I hope she's napping as much as she can all this week, we're having 40 for dinner Sat night!

Today we go have the final fitting of the dress and pick it up and I am sure Sara has plans for me to be doing something every day for the rest of the week. Somewhere in there I need to get my haircut & go to the store and teach classes . . . .

Saturday is also the rehearsal breakfast and the breakfast. Family dinner Saturday night - first time my children have ever had all their aunts and uncles in one place since most live in Minnesota with the rest in Massachusetts and Florida. Then Sunday morning I plan on doing absolutely NOTHING no matter what Sara says - my mom and I will be napping!

We've discovered that on Sunday the Jets game is at 1:30 and the Minnesota Vikings play at 8pm for playoff spots. Since we live in NJ and remember I said most of the relatives live in Minnesota - I am sure there will be a well worn path between the reception hall, where I've banned TVs, to the TV in the bar!

By Monday morning, I'll be ready for a vacation!

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