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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Smoky Mountains Trip - Not

Sunday was Jim's 60th birthday so early Thursday morning we flew to Nashville for a four day Smoky Mountains trip - with some Dollywood thrown in! We found out my Mom had a stroke as we were walking to get the rental car, so we turned around and headed back to the Continental counter to see if we could get to Boston. Much thanks to the two counter attendants & supervisor on duty at the Continental counter in Nashville last Thursday! After hearing our problem, they switched us onto the next flight to Boston, which went back through Newark. Yes, you can fly to Nashville and back in about 5 hours!

Good Harbor Beach from the backshore in Gloucester.

My Mom is now in rehab in Salem undergoing speech therapy. The stoke has affected her ability to say what she wants and needless to say, frustrated is not a thorough enough word to describe how she feels! In two weeks or so, she'll come here to stay for a bit. I wished I had had the camera to take a picture of the tourists having their picture taken in front of the Witches House in Salem Sunday afternoon! The whole way up there from Gloucester, my brother kept mumbling about going to Salem the week before Halloween (Halloween is an absolute ZOO in Salem!) Traffic wasn't bad and we didn't see anyone dressed up except for the woman hurrying to work in her pilgrim outfit - complete with the hat!

Just when you think life is sailing along and - oh, I'll go on vacation . . . . life throws you a curve.

So, Jim celebrated his birthday in Massachusetts instead of Pigeon Forge. He didn't get the train ride in Bryce City but did spend alot of time in the car going back and forth to the hospital and also on the ride home yesterday! We did get to do some fun things in between hospital visits.

Russo's Orchard in Ispwich has long been a fall trip for us. We took the kids there when they were small & Jim & I try to get there if we are home in the fall.

Home made cider made on an antique press, and cider donuts made in front of your eyes, fall colors, GORGEOUS trees in full fall beauty, apples, pumpkins and a crisp, fall day . . . . heavenly!
And even though I can't get this mailbox picture to go where I want it to - here's another mailbox that cracks me up. It's out in front of the Evinrude dealer on the Essex Causeway.
Till next next time.

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