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Monday, August 3, 2009

More On The Wacky World of Retail

It's August. It's August at the Jersey Shore and it's HOT! Very normal here for this time of year. (The wind shears, wind storms and almost tornadoes are not so normal & I really hope they go away soon!) So what I am sewing and thinking about? Beachy themed samples and displays? Nope, those are about to come down! I've moved onto Fall, Halloween and CHRISTMAS samples and displays!

Let's face it, summer clothes are on sale in all the stores and winter coats are coming out. That to me is a little ridiculous - do I really want to think about a winter coat when it's 95 degrees outside? Now if I need a pair of shorts to go to a barbecue next weekend, am I going to be able to find any? NO! I should have thought of what I wanted to wear to this barbecue in APRIL when they had shorts for sale and planned accordingly - not that I knew anything about this barbecue back then mind you . . .

In the quilt shop world and in the quilter's world - if we want something for Halloween, we have to start thinking about it in August because it just might take us that long to make it. Therefore - Halloween displays are going up in quilt shops all over the country now and not in October. (I wish someone in clothing retail would really sit down and think about when we need a winter coat and adjust their marketing schedule accordingly!)

So, I'm sewing fall samples & thinking about Christmas displays. (I can't actually bring myself to SET UP the Christmas display yet, but I'm thinking about it!) I'm sewing fall samples and admit to having already sewn a couple of Christmas samples. I keep telling myself that sewing projects for cooler weather tricks the mind into actually thinking it's cooler outside - not working yet, but I'm still testing the theory.

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