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Sunday, July 19, 2009

National Parks Adventures - part two

One of the most amazing things about our national parks is the scenery would rival gorgeous scenery anywhere. After a couple of days you almost, but not quite, became immune to it. GORGEOUS views of mountains, lakes, pastures, rivers, streams and wildflowers EVERYWHERE!

Yellowstone National Park not only has the honor of being the first national park, the largest national park - it's also one of the most gorgeous. And having been to Switzerland twice - thank you Bernina! - I can honestly say, the Grand Tetons rival the Alps in beauty. Take a gander at some of these gorgeous pictures.

Ok, I forget - this is either the Yellowstone River or Snake River . . . . either one - it was gorgeous. I kept waiting for John Wayne to ride out into the open! We did see a moose further down this river, of course I left my camera in the car!

This is Yellowstone Canyon. We watched a bald eagle hunting for it's lunch here.

Yes we saw Old Faithful - four times in one day as a matter of fact. I'm ashamed to say that after the second time, we didn't pay much attention to it. And I realize that geysers are a geological minor miracle but I didn't particulary like geology in college . . . Old Faithful was gorgeous the first two times though!

We kept crossing the Continental Divide. From Bayville, NJ at sea level to 8391 feet above sea level was quite a trip!

If you look closely, you can just see the Rainbow at the bottom left of the waterfall.

One of the stranger wildlife forms we encountered! This is actually Tim, Esther's husband take a break above the falls.

The amount of water rushing by was mind boggling.

Next time I'll post pictures of the Grand Tetons.

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